Christmas Presents 2012 – Help a Smoker Give up and be Healthy

Many people make a New Year’s resolution to give up smoking, but how many of them are successful in the long term? If you would like to help your loved ones to kick the habit, buying them Christmas gifts to set them up for their New Year abstinence kick might be just the push they need to really follow through with it this year.
Stop Smoking Info There are many smoking cessation products on the market, and different people will prefer particular products. A great product which isn’t a smoking cessation product as such – as it does not alter nicotine dependence – is the electronic cigarette. Smoking electronic cigarettes is far preferable to smoking standard cigarettes for many reasons, primarily because they are not thought to contain carcinogens. It is also cheaper than normal smoking, doesn’t smell as there is no burning/smoke involved (the smoker inhales cigarette-flavoured vapour) and the smoker can smoke anywhere! What a brilliant invention. Many people claim that through smoking electronic cigarettes they have eventually come to give up smoking entirely, but at least if a smoker stays with the E-cig they are not inhaling very harmful tobacco smoke. E-cig starter packs come at around $30- $70 and include batteries, liquid nicotine filled tips and charger devices. E-cigs can be purchased in newsagents, pharmacies and online.

The main types of smoking cessation products available include nicotine patches, gum, inhalers and lozenges. These products are available in drug stores. If you want to buy your loved ones some of these products (for the Christmas stocking?) it may well be good to get advice leaflets or details for stop smoking services, also provided by your pharmacist. Quitters are much more likely to be successful with a support program, so enlist all the resources you can find! Some people think that these kinds of nicotine replacement products – or NRT – are great and some can’t stand them, it’s all down to personal preference.
It is possible to book hypnosis sessions for people who want to quit, but the participant will have to be enthusiastic or hypnosis is unlikely to succeed. There are also courses available which aid smoking cessation which can be booked in for the New Year. Alan Carr stop smoking courses are popular, but there are many other good options.

Doctors can prescribe medication that aids smoking cessation, but this will be on prescription and is something that the patient will need to request themselves.
One product that has become very popular is the ecig, and the Sunrise Pro is one of the best Electronic Cigarettes on the market right now.

A great tip for encouraging people to give up smoking is to redecorate the house! Once the paintwork is fresh and everything smells great, it is a great motivator towards keeping it nice. So if you fancy doing up the whole house for Christmas, it will help the smokers and also make for a lovely Christmas surprise! Also buying perfume and delicately flavored foods that will only be fully appreciated by a non-smoker due to improvements in taste and smell achieved through quitting can be a great encouragement.
Giving up smoking is an important step to take and should be supported in any way possible. If it can be incorporated into Christmas fun, all the better! Good luck with supporting your smokers to quit or quitting yourself this Christmas and here’s to a smoke-free New Year!

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