Santa Hat Gift Tags

These Santa gift tags are so much fun to make and look great on your Christmas gifts! The downloadable pattern (below) makes a pretty big gift tag, so if your going to want to use it on smaller packages, just print the template at a smaller size. Have you made one? Leave a comment and let me know how you like them, or send me a picture and I’ll post it here!

Santa Hat Gift Tags

Santa Hat Gift Tags

Materials needed:

PDF Template (Download)
red, pink, black and white construction paper
white glue
hole punch

How to make them:

Print the template then cut out the pattern pieces.
Trace the face on pink construction paper and cut out.
Trace the hat on red construction paper and cut out.
Trace beard and hat trim on white paper and cut out.

Download the Santa Gift Tags PDF Template

Santa Gift Tags PDF Template

Glue the hat trim on the hat.
Glue the hat over top of the face.
Glue the face at the top of the beard.

Punch out 1 white circle for the hat tip, glue in place.
Punch out 2 black circles for his eyes, glue in place.
Punch 1 red circle for his nose, glue in place.

Fringe Santa’s beard by making cuts from the bottom of his beard to just below Santa’s face. Then you can curl Santa’s beard by rolling the strips around the pencil. Now your ready to glue Santa to your gifts! Also, be sure to write on your Santa gift tag craft before you curl the beard, because it’s much easier that way.