Gingerbread Man Poop

These are hands down my favorite little baggie of poop to make! LOL! Make them up and give them to all your friends and kids, everyone gets a laugh out of these! They make great party favors for your holiday get togethers! And large groups of kids can make them, perfect for a fast Christmas party craft.

What you need:

Gum drops
Plastic baggie
Gift tag

Place gum drops in a baggie and attach this poem

Heard you’ve been naughty!
So here’s the scoop
All YOU get is
Gingerbread Man Poop!

Here’s an alternate poem you can use.

Run!! Run!! as fast as you can,
You can’t catch me,
I’m the Gingerbread Man!

So I chased him all over,
up and down, all around town.
While he was running,
all I kept seeing was brown.
I never did catch him,
but I’ll give you the scoop.
That brown I saw?
That was his gingerbread man poop!