Stocking stuffers for Men – Stuff it Full of Fun Toys

Many of us feel like big kids at Christmas – especially when it comes to our Christmas stockings! That moment on Christmas morning when everyone is bleary eyed and kids are jumping on the beds trying to wake the still sleeping adults…the chocolate money…the selection boxes, the pretty little trinkets that we’ve been picking up all year…and best of all the daft toys and mini games that will keep us laughing over the holiday season and beyond.
As you can see from this website stocking fillers for men need not be restricted to socks and pants, in this age of online shopping there are a million and one tiny gadgets, gizmos and toys that will add pizzazz to any Christmas stocking. Searching for these jewels online can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, so set a bit of time aside to find some really original and exciting treats for your man’s stocking.

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Fun toys for Christmas stockings come in many different shapes and sizes, and picking the right ones for the men in your life can be fun as well as enlightening – it really is incredible what some manufacturers have managed to come up with, and often for a very small price! Gadgets that go in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and office are common, varying from practical devices to really random, flashing thingummybobs.

Mug of Mass Destruction – any guy would LOVE this!

Some of my favourite Christmas gadgets, games and toys include helicopters controlled by the iPhone and solar phone chargers. Other great examples are million pound notes, socks that appear that you are wearing sandals when it’s just the socks (Dad!) and flying monkeys. Tiny card games and general knowledge quiz books will come in handy for when everyone has had a few Sherries after lunch, often providing much hilarity. It’s always good to make everyone play charades when they’ve had a few, especially when you have a pack of pre-set topics and titles for everyone to act out so no-one quite gets the non-family chosen cultural references. Find great Christmas gift ideas here.

A great trick is to get your man to open his stocking with his eyes shut and try and guess what the random objects that you have placed inside are. The more oddly shaped items that you can find, the more hilarious his guesses will be! There are some great Quadrocopters available online, and anyone who guesses Quadrocopter should be rewarded with a Christmas morning glass of champagne!
Opening stockings is one of those classic Christmas gold moments. Stocking fillers for your man need not be expensive; it’s more about just having a laugh and starting the day off with a bang. These touch screen gloves available here are the perfect example of a cheap but very useful and fun stocking filler.
And you can always add bags of chips and fruit if you need to bulk out your more interesting purchases!