Jinglebell Junction featured in USA Today, unique places to find Christmas spirit.

Christmas is about family and friends, great food, the smiling faces of our little ones, the joy of giving to those less fortunate… but there’s more to celebrating Christmas than caroling and trimming a tree. It’s a feeling of warmth and goodness that comes from inside, and it’s called the Christmas spirit. You can get into the Christmas spirit in less traditional ways, how about going on a pub crawl, racing down the street with a bed, attending an all horse and carriage parade, or communing with a killer whale?

There are so many unique ways to find the Christmas spirit! In a recent interview with USA Today’s Larry Bleiberg, I had the chance to share just a few great places to put a spin on the Christmas spirit. While we couldn’t even come close to including the thousands of awesome Christmas celebrations going on throughout the US, I hope you’ll take time to share your favorite Christmas celebrations with us in the comments!