Fun things you didn’t know about Christmas and Chocolate!

I don’t know about you, but my love for Chocolate takes a backseat only to my love of Christmas. Hands down the two C’s are my favorite things, and they go perfectly together. Here’s a few fun things you might not have known about Chocolate and Christmas! Did you know that the worlds tallest chocolate […]

Creating the Perfect Christmas Tree

Some Christmas trees look absolutely stunning, while others just look sad. I think Christmas tree decorating is about balancing the Christmas spirit with the natural beauty of your tree, or at least a good facsimile of one. It’s all about the right tree and the right decorations. Pick your tree… Whether it is a real […]

Christmas craft, decorating and homemade Christmas gift ideas!

When it comes to Christmas, especially in cyberspace, I’m a total junkie! I just can’t get enough of Christmas online. I spend many hours a week browsing through Christmas websites looking for neat Christmas craft projects and you wouldn’t believe what I’ve found! There are so many wonderful sites chock full of Christmas crafts I […]

Give homemade gift baskets this Christmas

I think Christmas gift baskets make great gifts for just about anybody. You can easily create unique one-of-a kind Christmas gift baskets for relatives, kids, entire families, clients or customers, neighbors, or anybody else on your list who may be hard to buy for. Keeping a couple pre-made gift baskets on hand for a suprise […]

Starting & Adding to Your Christmas Music Library – A Primer

When building a Christmas Music Library a few fundamentals are in order. For liturgical Christmas fair, choose a series such as Collectibles ltimate Christmas, Readers Digest, Time Life Treasury of Christmas or Now Thats What I Call Christmas! That would allow you to build a solid traditional base. The Now series will also include a […]

A Jinglebell Junction Exclusive!! Two Trees

Grab a glass of eggnog, a blankie and snuggle down in your favorite easy chair with this enchanting tale! A Jinglebell Junction EXCLUSIVE — Two Trees from the book, Stories from the manger, by David Michael Smith. Submitted by author: David Michael Smith “It’s crooked.” “No it’s not,” denies the man, prone on his back […]