Christmas gift packaging and wrapping tips…

To some it comes naturally, like athletic prowess or maths genius, but to others wrapping up presents for Christmas is akin to rocket science, and aside from an inability to use paper to wrap up presents, they are also bereft of ideas for packaging anything other than a DVD case. Here are a few helpful […]

How to find your screen resoultion

To figure out which wallpaper will fit your screen best on a Windows-operated Display follow these simple steps. Move the cursor over an open area on your desktop and right-click the screen. Select “Properties” (or “Personalize” in Vista) on the menu that opens. Select the “Settings” tab in the “Properties” window. Locate the screen resolution […]

Installing Christmas wallpapers on your iPhone

Here’s how to use our Christmas iPhone wallpapers on your iPhone. The first step is to save the desired wallpaper to your Mac or PC via your favorite browser. Right-click or control-click on the image you want to use. Select “Save as…” and save the image to your hard drive. Mac users can either save […]