Jingle Bell Napkin Rings

These Christmas napkin rings made from jingle bells and pipe cleaners are super easy to make, and really do look great on your holiday table setting! Kids will love helping make them, although it can get noisy with all those jingle bells jingling! Craft stores and department stores usually sell a variety pack of all […]

Embossed Velvet Stockings

Materials needed: Velvet Interfacing Rubber stamps Fabric adhesive, such as Fabri-Tac Bells or beads Pressing cloth Cut a piece of velvet to 4 by 4 inches, and place it facedown on an ironing board. With a hot iron, press a piece of interfacing on the back of the velvet. Place a rubber stamp with the […]

Jar Lid Magnets

Materials Needed: Jar Lids – Baby food jar lids are perfect Glue Glitter Scraps of trim Magnet Small photo Kids have a blast making these for Christmas presents! Cut the photo to fit inside the lid. Set it aside. Around the outside and inside lip of the lid apply glue and sprinkle on glitter. If […]